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Your Guide to First Quartile Performance | Advanced Workforce Analytics


Management Controls Inc. Insights-as-a-Service offering provides companies with actionable contractor workforce analytics.

Management Controls, Inc. (MCi), the global leader of enterprise contractor management software, has changed the contractor management landscape in a big way. MCi’s new Insights-as-a-Service offering is giving companies a competitive edge through actionable data.

MCi’s TRACK Platform provides business owners with a comprehensive automated software solution for managing contractor labor, equipment and materials costs across their enterprise, with a proven delivery of 5% to 15% reduction in contractor costs. For over 30 years, companies across a broad range of industries have relied on the TRACK Platform for automated contract compliance, eliminating invoice disputes and possible over/under payments. Now, with the additional of Insights-as-a-Service, companies are driving their contractor management to a new level.

MCi’s Insights-as-a-Service provides real time actionable business intelligence that leverages the TRACK Platform’s digitalization of contractor management. No other tool-set available in the marketplace can generate the depth of contractor related data and displaying it in digestible and more importantly real time, actionable business intelligence. The service provides daily updates on contractor performance, cost control, and compliance produced on an easy to use dashboard, providing a complete view of contractor performance. Combined with our thirty-plus years of experience in the field allows us to drive a highly personalized data analytics experience, including ongoing support from dedicated business intelligence analysts to help you take action.


Insights-as-a-Service has empowered maintenance and project managers to manage jobs from routine maintenance to large projects on a new level. Imagine being able to view your costs in real-time and analyze spending trends across your entire contractor workforce within an interactive dashboard. The increased visibility of daily operations has helped companies recognize overtime pattern discrepancies, identifying 30 percent overtime cost savings.

In addition to providing real-time spend visibility, Insights-as-a-Service also provides crucial workforce visibility to drive daily operations. Imagine being able to see your entire contractor workforce on site in real-time, view each individual’s skill, and their work schedules to ensure every job has the resources needed to execute your work plans. Companies have been able to eliminate excess headcount spending and identify wrong skill mixes on site, pro-actively, to drive on-time project completion.

Also, linked to driving daily operations, Insights-as-a-Service gives companies visibility into their fatigue policies with immediate alerting when a worker has entered the site past their fatigue limits. Not only will Insights-as-a-Service help make your operations safer it can also deliver additional savings of 10% over and above the 5% to 15% of contractor cost reduction that the TRACK Platform already delivers.


The Insights-as-a-Service offering has grown amongst MCi’s customer base by over 1000% in the past year and for good reason. Companies are now regularly able to identify gaps in their supplier agreements. While the TRACK Platform automates contract compliance, such as lunch deductions, per diems, transit times, rounding and many others; Insights-as-a-Service takes it a step further and highlights where your contract terms and conditions are generating savings or costing you money. Would you like know how much you have been charged for items outside of the terms & conditions of supplier agreements? With Insights-as-a-Service, you are not only able to identify these charges, but you will be able to take action and adjust your day to day operations to eliminate leakage.

Not only can Insights-as-a-Service visualize your performance to show in unparalleled detail how you are performing and areas of improvement, but can also compare your site to hundreds of others globally, measuring commercial and operational best practices and benchmarks. Let it be your guide to achieving first quartile performance. 

About Management Controls, Inc.

Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) helps companies obtain better visibility, control and productivity from their contract workforce. MCi's TRACK® Platform provides automated contract compliance as well as a holistic view across their entire labor, equipment and materials spend. TRACK’s real-time data can be proactively applied to optimize performance and safety for routine maintenance, turnarounds, capital projects and operations. With the powerful addition of MCI’s Insights-as-a-Service and its managed service offering TRACK-as-a-Service (TaaS), companies can leverage MCi’s 30+ years of experience to get even more out of TRACK, as well as identify opportunities to improve site productivity overall.