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[Infographic] 5 Reasons You Need to Plan for Time on Tools

This  infographic explores the transformative power of Time on Tools. This infographic is inspired by expert insights from MCi's Bruce Grissom. Learn how focusing on operational efficiency and strategic budgeting can revolutionize plant management. This visual highlights the pivotal role of effective tool time management in enhancing productivity and operational success. 

If you'd like to learn more, read the expert fact sheet now.

About the Author

Bruce Grissom has more than five years of operations experience and 35 years of maintenance and turnaround experience. He worked at LyondellBasell’s Houston Refinery ) for 38 of his 40 years and at Delek’s U.S. refinery for two years. He managed Track at these two locations for over 17 years and rolled it out to additional sites with both companies. Today, Grissom is a subject matter expert at Management Controls for Operations and Maintenance.

Profile Photo of Bruce Grissom