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Transforming the Owner-Contractor Relationships Using Data

In an article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Management Controls Inc. President Ken Naughton shares how businesses can use data to transform the traditional owner-contractor relationships within the manufacturing sector. By leveraging advanced data analytics and technology, businesses can address common industry challenges such as lost time, questionable invoices, and compliance issues. 

The article emphasizes how real-time data and analytics can significantly enhance worksite productivity, safety, and efficiency. This technological shift not only streamlines legacy business processes but also fosters a more transparent and accountable partnership between owners and contractors. The result is a more harmonious working environment where both parties benefit from prompt and accurate payments, minimized delays, and a shared understanding of on-site activities. 

This transformation in the manufacturing industry underscores the critical role of technology in resolving age-old conflicts and driving progress through data-driven decision-making. The full article provides an in-depth look at how Management Controls Inc. is setting a new standard for owner-contractor relationships. 

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About the Author

Ken Naughton is a leading authority on the challenges of contract work management and is currently the President of Management Controls, leading and growing the company towards continued success and expansion.

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