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Lump Sum Analysis Detects $8 Million in Leakage

Dive into MCi's analysis of a client's $150 million contractor spend over 8 months uncovered $8 million in overspending, leading to $3 million in actual savings and $5 million in process improvements.

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Explore the revealing case study where MCi scrutinized a client's contractor material spending, lump sum charges, and third-party supplier invoices on a lump sum project. This deep analysis, covering $150 million in contractor spend over eight months, unearthed a staggering $8 million in overspending. The client was initially puzzled by the higher actual charges compared to the planned ones for their lump-sum projects. MCi's thorough investigation not only pinpointed the root causes of financial leakage but also implemented standard procedures to prevent future value loss. The result was a significant discovery: $3 million in direct savings and an additional $5 million in savings through process improvements, showcasing MCi's expertise in financial analysis and strategic cost management.