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MCi MServ Significant Findings in Material Spend

With MServ's partnership, a global industrial leader identified $8 million in cost avoidance and achieved a 50x ROI by addressing supplier charge discrepancies and enhancing compliance measures.

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Partnering with MServ, a global industrial leader tackled discrepancies in supplier charges, uncovering $8 million in cost avoidance with a remarkable 50x ROI. MServ's audit analyzed $140 million in charges, identifying double billing, duplicate invoices, and personal expenses incorrectly billed to the company. This meticulous examination resulted in $3 million in non-compliant charges and an additional $5 million lacking documentation, amounting to a 5.7% cost avoidance. MServ also introduced standardized processes, new lump sum requirements, and end-user training to enhance cost control and compliance.