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Contractor Spend Solution Brief

Find out how to save 10-15% in contractor spend! Dive into our eBook and discover how our Track® Platform revolutionizes contractor spend management.

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Explore how Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) leads in Contractor Spend Management with a 30-year track record, helping clients save 10-15% in contractor spend. The Track® Platform, in use at over 250 industrial sites, processes $50 billion annually, generating $5 billion in annual savings. Track® automates contractor labor, materials, and equipment spend management, eliminating paper-based processes, and providing real-time compliance and control. It transforms the owner/contractor relationship, enabling daily approval of audited hours and dollars. Track Platform adds value by leveraging security/access control data, calculating real-time workforce information, ensuring contract accuracy, facilitating payments, and enhancing visibility and control. Experience accurate hours and cost management, daily settlement, improved efficiency, and enhanced invoicing processes with Track®. Read it now.