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TRACK Professional Certification Program Revamp

Track U Certification Program Revamp

Our certification program is undergoing a transformation that promises to take your professional credentials to new heights. At TRACK University, we believe in continuous improvement and empowering our learners with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. 

What’s Changing: 

  1. Streamlined Learning Paths: We’re simplifying the process. While we won’t require learners to complete formal learning plans, TRACK University learners will continue to have access to courses as they always have.
  2. Redesigned Exams: Get ready for a fresh experience! Our new exams will have a new look and feel. Instead, you’ll encounter questions that directly relate to the modules that are relevant to your specific persona. Whether you’re a Vendor Timekeeper, TRACK Authorizer, or TRACK Coordinator, your certification exam will align with your role. 

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