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Real-time Data Can Solve the Top Three Challenges of the Owner-Contractor Relationship

In the complex landscape of manufacturing, MCi President Ken Naughton sheds light on how real-time data can address the three primary challenges in the owner-contractor relationship: safety, productivity, and cost. 

The Australian Manufacturing article discusses the critical role of automation and technology in resolving disputes and enhancing efficiency in manufacturing projects. It also digs into why the traditional pen-and-paper method for tracking time and labor expenses is outdated and prone to errors, leading to conflicts over billing.  

The advantages of advanced technology are to capture accurate invoicing data, predict project needs, and prevent accidents through insights into worker fatigue and location. This technological shift not only promises to improve safety and productivity but also ensures transparency and accuracy in billing, 

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About the Author

Ken Naughton is a leading authority on the challenges of contract work management and is currently the President of Management Controls, leading and growing the company towards continued success and expansion.

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