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How Technology Helps the Oil & Gas Industry Improve Safety

Bruce Grissom, a subject matter expert at Management Controls, shares his insights in OILMAN Magazine on how technology is enhancing safety in the oil and gas industry. Drawing from his extensive experience, Grissom discusses the evolution of safety practices, emphasizing the shift from a reactive to a proactive approach. 

He highlights the role of technology in achieving a 'Goal Zero' culture, where no injuries are tolerated. Modern tools like contractor data management software provide real-time visibility of personnel, helping to manage fatigue and ensure proper crew mix ratios.  

This technology is crucial in emergency situations, allowing for quick accounting of employees and contractors. Bruce underscores the importance of integrating technology with a strong safety culture to prevent accidents and improve overall safety standards in the industry. 

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About the Author

Bruce Grissom has more than five years of operations experience and 35 years of maintenance and turnaround experience. He worked at LyondellBasell’s Houston Refinery ) for 38 of his 40 years and at Delek’s U.S. refinery for two years. He managed Track at these two locations for over 17 years and rolled it out to additional sites with both companies. Today, Grissom is a subject matter expert at Management Controls for Operations and Maintenance.

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