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How Tech Can Improve Safety & Project Performance

In an insightful article on Construction Business Owner, MCi President Ken Naughton and Triax CEO James Franklin explore the transformative impact of technology on safety and project performance in the construction industry.  

They emphasize the critical balance between safety and productivity, which is essential for the success of any construction business. The authors highlight the challenges faced by general contractors, including labor shortages, fluctuating material costs, and the impacts of external factors like war and the pandemic. They advocate for the adoption of digital technology and automation tools to eliminate safety blind spots and improve overall project delivery. This includes leveraging cloud-based software and wearables for real-time visibility and emergency support.  

The article also discusses the importance of real-time data in managing contractor fatigue and equipment usage, thereby reducing risks and improving decision-making. By embracing these technological advancements, construction firms can enhance safety, increase productivity, and ensure compliance, ultimately leading to a stronger ROI. 

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About the Author

Ken Naughton is a leading authority on the challenges of contract work management and is currently the President of Management Controls, leading and growing the company towards continued success and expansion.

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