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How Smart Industrial Technology Factors into ESSA, Corporate Culture

Jackie Andre, a senior director at Management Controls, explores the integration of smart industrial technology with the ESSA (Eliminate, Simplify, Standardize, and Automate) methodology in an article for Smart Industry. She discusses how this combination is revolutionizing manufacturing processes. The ESSA approach, when paired with advancements like workflow automation software and robotic automation tools, significantly boosts productivity and streamlines factory floor operations. Andre emphasizes the importance of embedding ESSA into corporate culture, ensuring it becomes a part of the organization's DNA. This methodology not only improves efficiency but also helps manufacturers overcome talent challenges and supply chain bottlenecks. The article highlights the critical role of technology in supporting ESSA's implementation, such as using data analytics and business intelligence tools for process optimization. Andre's insights demonstrate how ESSA, coupled with smart technology, can lead to increased efficiency, resilience, and growth in the manufacturing sector. 

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