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How MSEs Can Help with the Heavy Industry’s Heavy Lifting

In Spiceworks, Delanie Sloan, VP of MServ at Management Controls, discusses the pivotal role of Managed Service Experts (MSEs) in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of heavy industry operations. Sloan emphasizes the increasing reliance of heavy industry companies on MSEs for handling complex processes like IT, contractor management, procurement, site operations, and finance and accounting.  

MSEs offer in-depth expertise, operational consistency, and the ability to scale services according to industry cycles. They address common pain points such as data management, compliance, and process standardization, ensuring that information is entered uniformly for future audits and benchmarking.  

Additionally, MSEs play a crucial role in managing workforce turnover and workload peaks, providing real-time visibility into on-site operations and aiding in informed decision-making. By leveraging robust technology platforms, MSEs can drive continuous improvement, optimize procurement, and ensure safety compliance, positioning themselves as essential partners. 

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About the Author

As current Vice President of Managed Services, Delanie brings 12+ years of experience optimizing operations for continuous growth. Assuming many leadership roles at Management Controls, Inc. (MCi), Delanie has previously developed the company’s implementation methodology as the VP of Consulting Services, established and grew APAC operations while living in Perth, Australia, as the MD of APAC, and is now driving MCi’s next venture of managed service offerings. Delanie earned her bachelor’s degree in business management at Texas A&M University, then received her Master of Science in Project Management and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

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