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How Digitalization Enhances Worker Safety & Performance in Chemical Plants

The article on Chemical Processing, authored by MCi President Ken Naughton and Triax CEO James Franklin, digs into the transformative impact of digitalization on worker safety and performance in chemical plants. It underscores the critical role of digital transformation initiatives, which are often centered around performance improvement goals like productivity and supply chain optimization, in enhancing safety - a factor that should not be an afterthought in these plans.  

The authors highlight three ways digitalization can improve safety and performance: real-time visibility of workers and operations, informed decision-making based on digital data, and cost and time savings through streamlined management processes. These advancements in automation and digital tools, such as cloud-based software and wearable technology, provide chemical plant operators with the necessary insights and capabilities to mitigate risks and ensure a safer working environment.  

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About the Author

Ken Naughton is a leading authority on the challenges of contract work management and is currently the President of Management Controls, leading and growing the company towards continued success and expansion.

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